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Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy

Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy is a collaborative of social sector professionals who embrace the tradition of freedom dreaming in service to racial justice and collective liberation. The collaborative is supporting freedom dreaming in philanthropy by: inviting a practice of freedom dreaming through written pieces and collaborations with artists; providing guidance and methodological tools for personal and cultural transformation in service of freedom dreaming; and creating spaces where institutional philanthropy can dream collectively and organize for action. In residence at the Center for Evaluation Innovation



Fellowship for Liberated Futures

In partnership with The Chisolm Legacy Project and ProInspire

Fellowship for Liberated Futures is a new offering that supports the healing, wellness, and wellbeing of Black women who are on the frontlines leading justice-focused work across the social sector.  The fellowship is in response to pervasive burnout among social justice leaders, especially Black-led grassroots and community-based organizations building power in communities of color, who constantly face and defend perpetual attacks on basic human rights, including the ability to access clean water and breath fresh air, all while being under-resourced and holding their own trauma because of systemic racism, bias, and white supremacy. The Fellowship is an invitation to learn new ways to support renewal and restoration and to imagine what a move in the direction of solidarity with other women of color would look like, inviting Black women to be their most creative, brilliant, and whole selves to live into the liberated future that each person seeks to build.

(website forthcoming)


Toward Power-Shifting Solidarity with Black-Led Change

In partnership with Center for Evaluation Innovation with contributions by Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (PRE), The Black Collective Foundation MN has created a one-of-a-kind study asking the question: What will it take for institutional philanthropy in Minnesota and beyond to move at the speed of courage and invest wholly in Black lives?



logo reading Toward Power Shifting Solidarity with Black Led Change
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Mellon Foundation

Dreaming a World convening co-designer and facilitator


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